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Supporting All Who are Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders

The mission of Autism Counseling and Behavior Consultation, Inc (“ACBCI”) is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. The professionals at ACBC I are committed to providing current and researched-based therapeutic interventions.  This is achieved while working in collaboration with the other professionals and team members aiding in the success of the individual and his or her family, both at home and in the community. ACBCI believes in the power of family and recognizes that when one element in a family is affected by change, the entire system is affected.   Therefore, long term success is rooted in the education and support of every person within that system.

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Kelly Ernsperger, MSW, LCSW
Owner and Clinical Social Worker

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, Kelly Ernsperger, LCSW received a Bachelors of Arts degree from Purdue University and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Indiana University in Indianapolis. Ms. Ernsperger has been working with children, adults and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in the Indianapolis area since 1997. She began her career in Indianapolis working with emotionally handicapped and developmentally delayed children, adolescents and their families in a residential setting. In 2001, she accepted a position at James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children as the clinical social worker in the Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center. While at Riley, Ms. Ernsperger’s affiliation with some of the most respected minds in Autism offered her opportunities to expand and define her abilities as they apply to Autism. Ms. Ernsperger has focused her efforts on caregiver skills training in behavior management and skills acquisition, as well as supportive family and marriage counseling dealing specifically with the stressors of being a part of an exceptional family. Additionally, Ms. Ernsperger provides individual counseling to adults and teens on the spectrum struggling with common co-morbid disorders such as, but not limited to, depression and anxiety. Ms. Ernsperger’s current and past affiliations with groups such as The Autism Society of America, National and Indiana Chapters, the Indiana Autism Academy and the Indiana Autism Coalition, offers her the opportunity to stay involved with area resources. This allows Ms. Ernsperger to provide uniquely individualized guidance in navigating the school systems and community resources to the individuals and families with whom she works.
According to the Center for Disease Control


As many as 1 in every 110 children will be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder


​ASDs occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, but are four times more likely to occur in boys than in girls


While Autism is known to be a neurological disorder the causes for Autism are still unknown


We have learned that there are likely many causes for multiple types of ASDs. There may be many different factors that make a child more likely to have an ASD, including environmental, biologic and genetic factors


Studies show that individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are more likely to have a sibling or parent with an Autism Spectrum Disorder as compared to "neurotypical" individuals, indicating a genetic link.


More people than ever before are being diagnosed with an ASD. It is unclear exactly how much of this increase is due to a broader definition of ASDs and better efforts in diagnosis. However, a true increase in the number of people with an ASD cannot be ruled out


ASDs are an urgent public health concern