Autism Counseling

& Behavior Consultation, Inc.

Supporting Individuals Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders

Adults, Children, Caregivers and Siblings

Autism Counseling and Behavior Consultation, Inc (ACBCI) was established in 2005 by Kelly A. Ernsperger, MSW, LCSW. At that time there was a distinct need for increased availability of services for all people affected by Autism Spectrum Disoders (ASD's) and other behavioral difficulties in the greater Indianapolis area. Since then many centers have sprung up that provide behavioral training for children diagnosed with Autism and related disorders, but it is still difficult for families and caregivers to find training and emotional support related to the issues of raising a child with special needs and for adults on the spectrum to find support. It is the goal of the therapists at ACBCI to provide research supported, current treatment options to individuals affected by ASD's, as well as direction and support in seeking out community services. Those affected by ASD's include not only the individual diagnosed with the disorder, but invested others as well. While there are many rewards of living in a special family, the challenges affect the entire family system, including the parents, grandparents and siblings. Though it is typically the difficulties of raising or living with an individual with an ASD that brings a family to therapy, change is often necessary at many levels of the family system for success to be permanent. The professionals at ACBCI believe that when the entire family system is included in the therapeutic process the rewards of living in an exceptional family can far outweigh the challenges.

New Client Forms

A referral is not necessary to begin our work together, however, I do welcome communication with past and present providers. This allows me the opportunity to work with you and others you trust to create the best possible plan of action and continuity of care. While I am not in-network with any managed care groups, I am committed to maintaining pricing that is reasonable and customary to mental health services in Indianapolis. My choice to not maintain contracts with third party insurers allows me to focus my loyalty solely on the client with no responsibility to a third-party in regard to confidentiality and treatment planning. All treatment decisions are established between myself and the client or the client’s family with no limits being placed by your insurer. I am happy to provide to you the necessary documentation for you to pursue out-of-network reimbursement from your insurer should you choose to do so.

Adult Services

There are many needs unique to adults affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The most common needs are for those adults diagnosed with an ASD, who also struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Special consideration in treating such issues is necessary when these difficulties are paired with the unique thinking style of an individual with an ASD. As specialists in the field of treating individuals on the Autism Spectrum the therapists at ACBCI have extensive training in meeting the therapeutic needs of this population. Other adult services include marriage therapy, supportive counseling for the spouses of those affected by an ASD, and supportive counseling for the parents and adult siblings of individuals on the spectrum.